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For 8 years, BalBo is dedicated to provide the top, ethically made, highest of quality Balance Board that is versatile enough to suit every individual’s needs to achieve superior Core strength for the best price.

We have always believed that with a well-Balanced Life we can all get to choose to be a better version of ourselves. Balance flows to an overall well-being that roots at the Core. Starting from the Mind, Body & Soul, this strength will radiate outside and holistically integrate these pillars that results to a stabilized mind, body and spirit. Hence, the lighter body movements make almost any activities performed easier. Eventually giving way and transforming the user to become a better version of her/himself.❣️


Inspiring individuals to become a better version of themselves through working inward and achieving a superior Core strength; with Holistic Wellbeing approach, each aspect is a reference to the WHOLE. When Mind, Body & Soul integrates holistically, it creates a well-Balanced Life where actions are much easier to perform.

Our Story

BALBO Patent Balance Board is SEA’s #1 versatile, sustainable Balance Training Board™, specifically made for the Body’s Power Center x Fluidity x Equilibrium. It is a combination of a Balance Trainer, Core Stabilizer, Exercise Equipment and the ultimate surf-yoga-sports & fitness partner; plus it’s a great Moodlifter, our users say.
Designed to aid off-field surf training; it also primes individuals to be less prone to injury, catalyses Core muscles development, improves brain coordination and mind-muscle connection. Helps to increase strength and stability in Core that results to good posture.

Mindfully designed, each piece is ethically and proudly #FilipinoHandcrafted





Core is the fundamental supporter for every lift, pull, and exercise we do. It is engaged in any basic daily activity we do.

Over 90% of Filipinos (Philippine Statistics Authority) have office jobs/school and sit 8-9 hours a day. Add another hour or two of driving time/commuting —that adds up to a lot of sitting! Prolonged sitting and no exercise weakens the muscles of your midsection. Keeping the torso strong is important because it is the body's CENTRE OF POWER.


With BalBo, effective Core workout x Fluidity x Surf training x Equilibrium routine is possible anytime, anywhere.

Research has also shown that athletes with higher core stability have a lower risk of injury.
(Peate, et. Al, 2007).

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Core is the midsection of the body. It includes the obliques on the sides (external & internal), the rectus abdominis (aka the "six-pack"), and the transverse abdominis, which wraps around your torso underneath it. These muscles work as stabilizers for the entire body.

“one of our brand’s mission is to change the dialogue in fitness; using it more as a tool to lift our moods + work on our center as practice rather than cover or change“

— France, Creative Director

Why use balbo

here's a quick benefits list of using one daily!

Why Balbo Balance Board™?

Patented, Shock-proof, Economical

༄ Great Moodlifter + Fluidity x Equilibrium Training, over-all Core Development

༄ Holistically integrated Mind, Body & Soul for a well-Balanced Life

༄ Regulates Motivation, Discipline and Self-love Practice

༄ Strength and stability that results to good posture

༄ Brain coordination & mind-muscle connection

༄ Lighter body that makes activities easier to perform

༄ Helps to prevent injury

༄ Develops Mind-Muscle Connection + over-all Core Development

༄ Strength, Stamina and Stability that results to good posture

༄ Lighter body that makes activities easier to perform

༄ Compliments any Surf, Yoga, Longboard, Sports, PaddleBoard, WakeBoard Training

༄ Improves muscular Endurance, helps to prevent injuries

༄ Staying Motivated 

Responsive Web Design allows web elements to adjust for mobile phones, tablet, and desktop. All of our projects built with a mobile-first approach which makes your website looks great on all devices.


EVERYONE! Yes, Core training is for everyone. Keeping the body’s stabilizer muscles strong will not only improve an athlete’s performance, but it will help in life’s everyday tasks.



Balance & Fluidity 100%

Mood lifting 90%

Injury Prevention 90%

Body Coordination 90%

Fitness 75%

Staying Motivated 75%