ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Prolonged sitting and no exercise weakens the muscles of your midsection. Keeping the torso strong is important because it is the body’s CENTER OF POWER. BalBo Training Boards are designed to specifically target Core Strength. It enhances over-all Balance, trains individuals to be less prone to injury, catalyses Core muscles development, improves brain coordination and mind-muscle connection. Increases strength and stability that results to good posture. Great for yoga, surf, boxing or any sports training. Alternative when waves and pavements are not available. The ultimate fitness partner. Great for work from home set up. A set is inclusive of a Deck, equipped with Roller + Grip + a free protective Mat, made for better performance. Each piece is proudly Filipino Handcrafted.

You may place your order via our website Please allow within 24-hour confirmation period for your order to be processed. Once confirmed, delivery details will be sent to the email/contact number provided.

EVERYONE! Yes, Core training is for everyone. Keeping the body’s stabilizer muscles strong will not only improve an athlete’s performance, but it will help in life’s everyday tasks.

Yes. Kids can use it too. We would like to remind that Balbo Balance Board is a very mobile equipment, as always with these kinds of devices, parental and/or adult supervision is require. Children under 8 years of age must continuously be guided when riding the Balbo. Please follow this for complete guide on Child Use Safety.

Regular BalBo: Deck 26” x 16”  inches,

Roller 16” inches x 5” diameter

Wt. capacity 170 kgs


CorE Board: Deck 11.5” x 22” inches, Roller 11” inches x 4” diameter

Wt. capacity 80 kgs

For beginners, we recommend the reg. Balbo – quite easier to start with because of its bigger Deck size. It’s very much like riding a surfboard – bigger logs for beginners 😊

If you prefer doing walks, planks, push-ups and would like to do more weight lifting while on the balance board, may we suggest the reg. Balbo.

However, it’s also good to start with the CorE when you’re up for a bit of challenge + like to travel light. Also compact enough to fit under work desks! It’s more of a personal preference hehe 🤙🏽


Hope this helps! 😊

Yes, you can. This feature is available in the official BALBO™ website shop. FRIENDLY REMINDER: Custom Made Balbo Balance Board Sets may take up to 14-28 days of Shaping. Please do understand that we are committed with our standards to bring you the #FilipinoHandcrafted quality that we have always promised.

Metro Manila standard delivery fee is php 278. Nationwide shipping is available with a minimum rate of Php 500. This is due to the volume of the package being weighed when delivered.

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