Customized Balance Board SET

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Balbo is the country’s top versatile Balance Training Board. Design-It-Yourself System / Custom Balbo, is its latest feature. Choose any design you want on the Deck. Decorate and personalize your very own Balance Board. Add names, colors or logo –you’re free to show your style and creativity!


Inclusive of Deck

Equipped w/ Roller + Grip

Protective Mat

Travel Ecobag

PRO TIP: Label with your logo or favorite workout motivation for some inspiration.




We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the BalBo!
Following CQ guidelines and to protect the well-being of employees, clients, and the community in general – delivery to M. MNL will only be by batch, on specific dates and limited (around 2-4weeks). Thank you so much for understanding! Stay safe! xoxo -BalBo Team

What it does:

 develops over-all Core Strength

improves muscular Endurance

Stamina and stability that results to good posture

brain coordination & mind-muscle connection

 helps to prevent injury

lighter body that makes activities easier to perform

Materials are all sourced from sustainable companies. The whole set is provided with parts & features that are necessary to make it work properly and efficiently. Balbo Trading will not be liable for damages due to failure of not using the provided mat. Roller warranty is valid from 2 years of purchase under the conditions that it has been fully cared for in accordance to “HOW TO STORE/CARE FOR BALBO”. We are driven to provide the top, highest of quality Balance Board in the market anyone could have for the best price.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 16 in
Custom BalBo Menu


3 reviews for Customized Balance Board SET

  1. izellalim.indesigner (verified owner)

    Super satisfied buyer here! I’ve purchased a Customized Balbo Balance Board as a birthday gift for my husband and I emailed them my own design. After 9 days, TADA! I got the Customized Balbo Balance Board and like “WOW!” My design is exactly the same on the deck. It’s sturdy and high quality too! One more thing, I told them that I need the board before or on the exact date of my husband’s birthday and even though my design is complicated, they met the deadline. Custom Balbo usually take 5-14 working days to ensure that they optimized the quality but the outcome was super nice! If you want to find the unique gift for anyone in your life, Customized Balbo Balance Board is a great gift idea. I guarantee your design will be exactly the same on the deck. The owner is very kind too! Thank you so much Balbo! <3 <3 <3

  2. islandghurl_naiad

    I really love this balance board because it keeps me fit and motivated to exercise everyday. Kudos to the people behind this nice creation. ❤️

  3. iamlegacydvo

    I love this set so much. I can customize my own balance board. Great for workouts, whether it may be intensive or not. I’ll just leave my review here. Gotta learn new tricks with this board. Go get yours now! You won’t regret it!

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