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Balbo is the country’s top versatile Balance Training Board™. It is a combination of a Balance Trainer, Core Stabilizer, Exercise Equipment and the ultimate surf-yoga-sports & fitness partner. One size fits all. Each piece is proudly Filipino Handcrafted.

Balbo Philippines is dedicated to provide the top, highest of quality Balance Board that is versatile enough to suit every individual’s needs to achieve superior Core strength for the best price. We have always believed that with a well-Balanced Life we can all choose to be the best version of ourselves. Balance flows to an overall well-being that roots at the Core. Starting from the Mind, Body & Soul, this strength will radiate outside and holistically integrate these pillars that results to a stabilized body. Hence, the lighter body movements make almost any activities performed easier.  Eventually giving way and transforming the user to become a better version of her/himself.


Here’s a quick list of the key benefits of using one daily!

 develops over-all Core Strength

 helps to prevent injury

strength and stability that results to good posture

brain coordination & mind-muscle connection

lighter body that makes activities easier to perform


Think about this: There are almost thirty muscles attached to the Core and together they enable the body to move as an integrated unit.



7 thoughts on “Balbo Balance Training Board: Why We Need One

  1. Ordered a board in natural brown and received it over the weekend. Came out beautifully with my nickname personalized on it.
    And for people like me who are always at work and unable to hit the gym regularly, this is actually something i can take along to help me work on my core.
    Thank you Balbo Philippines! Very pleased with my purchase 😊😀

  2. Got mine for added work outs at home.. Plus i have been wanting to try surfing too!
    This product is really very helpful in strenthening your core and developing your balancing skills! This has been my favorite workout buddy.. I easily get bored with my home workouts, so I always try to search for something new to try. That’s how i found Balbo, and I’ve loved it ever since! This one’s definitely worth your money 🙂
    Thank you Balbo Philippines ❤️

  3. Another gear to incorporate in my workout regimen. I had my board costumized to my color preference. 💜💜💜 Thank you! 😍 Transaction was smooth and quick. I was surprised it was shipped immediately. The owner was really nice and friendly. Would love to have it with a bag though. 😉

    1. Thank you! Glad it’s been educational for you! Please sign-up to our newsletter for more news updates! <3

      Balbo Team

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