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The COVID-19 Pandemic has definitely messed up our out of town trips for the year 2020. Countries have been dealing with the pandemic differently, and the results clearly show the effectiveness of their respective leaders. And while some countries are easing lock down restrictions and are slowly getting back to normal, some countries aren’t as fortunate to have competent leaders in their government.

So how do we keep sane during a time like this? Not only are we faced with the pandemic, but our mental health is also in danger here. And while going to the beach to unwind is not an option right now, here are some tips on how to keep your mind and body balanced during the pandemic.

Work boundaries

With the pandemic pushing companies to have their employees work remotely at home, it’s been a lot harder to keep track of that work-life balance. Work related communication suddenly becomes 24/7 and having pets at home also serves as a distraction (especially if they’re really cute!)

So how can you avoid getting distracted at home? You should treat each day as if you’re actually going to the office. When you wake up, shower and get dressed ready for work. You don’t have to wear office attire, it’s just important that you get out of your pajamas so that you can get your mind in work-mode.

It’s also important that you limit your communications to strictly office hours only. Any communications outside those hours can wait the next day (except if message is urgent of course). This is so that you don’t lose track of your time for yourself, and also so your co-workers can respect your time outside work.

Mute Social Media

As much as social media is a great tool to keep you in touch with family, friends, and to be updated with the news, it can also be used to spread fear and panic from those that have malicious intentions.

Even if you don’t share or comment on fake news, seeing troll accounts trying to spread hate can sometimes build up negativity inside of you. If you feel like it’s getting too much, take a break. If the temptation is real you can deactivate your accounts or uninstall social media on your phone so that it’s less accessible for you.

Take care of your body

It’s clear that what is happening now is greatly affecting both our mental and physical health. Our body and mind are linked so well, that when you feel good physically, you also feel good mentally. So don’t forget to do your daily stretches in the morning and maybe a few lifting exercises here and there from time to time, and some balbo workout to keep your body in shape!

Remember, times are different now and we’re currently going through a pandemic. As eager as you may be to overcome the struggles you’re facing right now in life, don’t forget to take it easy and have a break from time to time.

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