BalBo Balance Training Board Set

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Versatile Core Trainer X Balance Board to amp up the Core #FilipinoHandcrafted

A set is inclusive of a Deck, equipped with Roller + Grip + a free protective Mat, made for better performance.

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This item is currently on pre-order. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on the BalBo! 
Following CQ guidelines and to protect the well-being of employees, clients, and the community in general – delivery to M. MNL will only be by batch, on specific dates and limited. Thank you so much for understanding! Stay safe! xoxo -BalBo Team


Balbo is the country’s top versatile Balance Training Board™, specifically made for the body’s Power Center. It is a combination of a Balance Trainer, Core Stabilizer, Exercise Equipment.  Designed to aid off-field surf training; primes individuals to be less prone to injury, catalyses Core muscles development, improves brain coordination and mind-muscle connection. It also increases strength and stability in Core that results to good posture.

Equipped with Roller that can be used either vertically or sideways to simulate pivotal movement and surfing motion.

What it does:

 develops over-all Core Strength

improves muscular Endurance

Stamina and stability that results to good posture

brain coordination & mind-muscle connection

 helps to prevent injury

lighter body that makes activities easier to perform



Develop surfing style thru practicing full body awareness, controlled and connected weight transferring. Great for working out the wobbles and waving arms in the privacy of your home instead.


The key to gaining confidence while surfing. Practice and challenge your balance by developing Core strength needed to feel sure footed out in the water by stabilizing and stengthening your ankles, leg and fast twitch muscles.


Exercise it the top method for getting the blood flowing increase caloric burn.


When the Core is stronger, everyday activities become much easier to perform. The over-all strength also makes the body be less prone to injury.


Not only as a surf training tool, but it is also great for gym, yoga, wakeboard, skate, sports or any active training because it targets the body’s Power Center. Overtime, it develops a lighter body that makes activities much easier to perform.


Our balance trainers will help you exercise the possibilities of your balance allowing you to gain confidence and strength in critical positions when surfing.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 16 in

Natural Wood Brown, Aqua Blue, Jet Black, Hot Pink, Ketchup, Wild Salmon

10 reviews for BalBo Balance Training Board Set

  1. Nicole

    The first time I used a Balbo, I got hooked instantly, I wouldn’t let it go until I’m able to balance it 😂 The first few attempts were scary as I was extra careful not to fall but it starts to get addicting once you know you can easily manage getting on top of it without support. Best to use it barefoot! I’m a little kid again playing with her fav toy 🤗

    Being a Manila-based surfer, water time is very important as this is how we improve our skills and will make us stronger and better in getting sizeable waves.
    But it’s not always easy to go out of town. So when I’m landlocked in the city, I use the Balbo to worki on my balance and footwork. The board size is just enough for me to perform long boarding tricks like cross stepping and hanging 10. Now, I don’t feel like I’m losing time away from the ocean. I’m basically surf training on land! It’s the perfect supplement to my sport but it’s also a challenging equipment on its own.

    I walk to the gym with the roller in my bag and the board at hand. It may look big but it’s actually pretty easy to carry around. I use it as part of my HIIT/circuit training. I refer to Balbo’s IG page for wo tips. It’s an added challenge to total body workouts but it’s not something you’ll painfully endure cause it’s so much fun! I’d get tightness in my core and inner thighs after using it for a while – awesome take away for something so enjoyable! 😁👍🏽

  2. Myla

    As an aspiring surfer, balbo took us to the sensation of balancing in the board at your very own home away from the ocean so you will never get lonely again! 😅

    Balbo helps me improve my balance, coordination and posture. For a very uncoordinated/awkward person like me, it helped me gain my confidence in land and in water. It is also a great exercise at home, especially of you’re working out with your partner! Core exercise also helped me strengthen my abdominal muscle that I needed for my pregnancy.

    Over all, i loved Balbo! At first, I just want to support our locals but in the end, it helped me more than I imagined! This is highly recommended!

  3. JD

    This is one excellent exercise to assist with ones balance and understanding that even the slightest movement can make or break your balance! You learn about movement. It calms me down and I enjoy messing around on it to some music and see how many songs I can stay on for. I believe it is helping with my surfing from a standpoint of moving my body AND my feet to achieve a calming sense on the board. It is a extremely strong board and roller. Probably one of the best out there for basic balance practice. Great for messing around on while binging on your fave Netflix series, beats sitting on the couch!

  4. Randy

    High quality balance boards, be sure to grab one! It’s sturdy and really effective in strengthening your core.

  5. Randy

    Go grab one now! High quality balance board and really effective core strengthening!

  6. Reign

    Great and hip balance boards! I must get one of these soon.

  7. Jeff Fuentes

    This is a perfect product for all boardsports enthusiast out there. Balbo enhances balancing skills and the core. Best way to start your day, focus and have fun!

  8. Angela

    I would always play with the balance boards I would find in establishments in different surf towns. As a surfing enthusiast based in Manila, I finally decided to bring some swell back home with me and purchased a Balbo.

    For me, Balbo does a great job at simulating the movement of a wave, and the balance and footwork needed to keep yourself upright. The more I used it the more I felt myself improving and it’s so fun that it doesn’t seem like a workout at all.

    After about 2 months playing with my Balbo, I went to Siargao to surf and found my balance was way better. I was able to better control my board when it would get out of balance, my back foot was stronger and allowed me to manage with bigger waves, and my overall posture improved.

    At first it may be difficult, but once you get the hang of it you find yourself explore what else you can do on a Balbo – and the possibilities are endless.

  9. Xem Suizo

    Get started with your balance training journey or take your board sports skills to the next level with the best leading balance board here in the philippines “Balbo”

  10. karasacrounso (verified owner)

    Customer service is impeccable!!! I ordered one hoping that it would get in time before Christmas and it did! They made it happen ❤️ Excited for my husband (and I, ofcourse) to try it! Thank you for great products and wonderful customer service!

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