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How To Use


Always make sure that the Balbo is padded with the provided Mat to make it more manageable, avoid slipping and have a stable wall/table that can support you at your first ride.

1. First, place the Deck on top of the Roller. Then identify your STANCE if GOOFY OR REGULAR. To Do this; have someone push you gently and whichever foot steps forward first then that’s your stance. Left foot, you’re a regular. When it’s the right foot, then you’re a goofy.

2. Step the Balbo – maintaining your STANCE – gently nudge the board up until you’re Balancing with the Roller halfway along thee Deck. FEET A LITTLE WIDER THAN THE SHOULDERS’ WIDTH and knees slightly a little bent as you maintain a neutral spine. Draw the abdomen in and look straight ahead. 

3. Go down into the CENTERED POSITION. To maintain a balanced ride, drop your knees about 2-3 inches and get into a comfortable position. Then SHIFT YOUR WEIGHT FORM SIDE TO SIDE without letting the edges touch the base. The rest of the body should be relaxed. 

TIP: As you get better with this, try to increase the speed and duration of rocking the Balbo back and forth. (Patience and determination are your allies!)


– Phil Edwards


To get on the board, place the deck on top of the Roller – it should angled down to the ground on the left-hand side (Regular), right-hand side (Goofy). The roller should be resting against the stop on the bottom of the deck.


Rather than shallow nasal breathes, the best type of breathing for Balance involves deep breathes that originate in the diaphragm —promotes a lower Center of gravity that enhances balance while drawing more oxygen into the body.


When training for balance it is BEST TO HAVE A CALM, CLEAN mental outlook. Clear mind allows the body to be fluid to achieve a strong Center of Balance.


The secret to maintaining balance on the Balbo is to have a low Center of gravity. Keep the KNEES BENT A LITTLE LOWER while shoulders back and chest & head up to maintain position easily


Important body technique: if arms get away and thumbs go up and out, you TEND TO LOSE BALANCE. When thumbs are turned in, this actually brings the arms into the body


Key to getting really good on the Balance Board is to learn how to APPLY THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF PRESSURE WITH YOUR FEET AT THE RIGHT TIMES. 


The board involves getting into a position where the Roller is in the middle of the Deck and you are standing upright. You want your upper body to remain straight to achieve this. This type of upper body control will make it easier to control the board when you are moving into a Center position.


Once you become proficient at Centering and moving side to side, you can begin to cross step. Begin by performing 3 side-to-side balances. Then draw your right foot back toward the Center of the board. Keep your Center of gravity low, as you cross your left foot to touch the front of the board. Keeping your right foot planted in the Center, bring your left foot back to its original position.

After becoming comfortable with the above move, you can follow through with your right foot to bring it to the edge of the board.


Once you get comfortable with balancing, Centering ad cross stepping with both feet, you should move to practicing balancing on just one foot. Start with 10-second holds and challenge yourself to extend for as long as you can. Initially, you should balance from a Centered position. As you gain confidence, move to the outer edges of the board and balance on one leg there. You can move your other foot around in the air to help you to maintain your balance.

Child Use and Safety

Balbo Balance Board is a very mobile equipment, as always with these kinds of devices, parental and/or adult supervision is require. Children under 8 years of age must continuously be guided when riding the Balbo. 

  1. Aways make sure your child is under adult supervision when using the Balbo
  2. Balbo must be always be used on a flat and level surface. Using it in a sloped and/or rough surface could result in the tipping of your Balbo, which could ultimately cause injuries.
  3. Never wear socks or completely smooth shoes. It is highly recommended to use in with bare feet or in training/workout shoes.
  4. When using the Balbo, teach your kids to always bring their thumbs in to have a low Center of Gravity. This makes Balancing much easier.
  5. The Balbo Deck and Roller are made to last a lifetime if properly cared for.
  6. Please do not allow your kids to jump or stomp in their respective Balbos. This may and can cause unexpected movements that may lead to injuries.
  7. The Balbo is a Balance Board designed to be used while standing on it. Using it simultaneously with other toy/s has not yet been tested and is not guaranteed to be safe. Please use Balbo on its own.

Balbo Trading shall not be held responsible and accountable for physical and financial damage caused by using the Balbo Balance Board.
Use active toys with care and under supervision of an adult.

The Balbo is a product of Balbo™ . Balbo is for its idea, brand and model registered at the DTI/IPO.
The name Balbo, the design itself, the logo and the icon are protected brands.
Copying or recreating the Balbo and using the name Balbo Balance Board is not allowed.
Balbo Balance Board will maintain its rights.