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Fair Trade

Balbo Balance Board also known as BALBO™ has been shaping since 2015. 

SEA’s #1 patent, versatile Balance Training Board™, specifically made for the body’s power center x fluidity x equilibrium and a great moodlifter.  It is a combination of a Balance Trainer, Core Stabilizer, Exercise Equipment. Designed to aid off-field surf training; primes individuals to be less prone to injury, catalyses Core muscles development, improves brain coordination and mind-muscle connection. It also increases strength and stability in Core that results to good posture. Each piece is #Filipinohandcrafted

Our prices are determined based on order to maintain fair price and trade, for all our patent products are mindfully handcrafted, made with sustainability in mind and can not be manufactured industrially. 

#Balbo balance boards are proudly, mindfully hand crafted here in the Philippines. The whole set is composed of corresponding parts sourced from multiple suppliers.

Each Balbo sold goes beyond supporting the bread & butter of our immediate small team. Every purchase goes tidal that it sustains at least 70 more local families where we separately gather sustainable supplies and services. ⚡️

Each good is packed with utmost care and extreme precautionary measures to maintain hygiene. Health, safety and well-being of our team, partners and clients — always our top priority. 🍃🧎🏽‍♀️