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Basically you have two options: Invest in a high-quality suit to last a few seasons (or even a lifetime), or buy cheaper ones and be prepared to replace them often. Featuring 4 homegrown swimwear brands that will not only look good on you but also save you bucks in the future.

1. Perfect for that Summer Vacay you’ve been preparing for

How do you look good in summer photos? Make sure that you’re comfortable with what you wear. Below is the Badian by Diwata Swimwear & Cross Training Bikini by Agos Surf.

Cross Training Bikini by Agos Surf is functional X stylish 👌🏽 

2. They are extra comfort as an inner wear too

Trust me on this one. I have tried to many different underwear brands but nothing gives that air-y, breath-y, and flexible feeling than a good pair of swimmies. Check Aguariva out.

Isn’t this the perfect summer outfit? 😍 

3. Great to pair with any jeans/pants!

Cute, noh? This outfit is definitely Instagram-worthy! BONUS: You can wear it in the city too! Ft. Mahadi Onsie in Sand by Agua Riva

Mahadi Onsie in Sand by Agua Riva😍

4. Great to be in when you surf this summer!

How do you fun in the line-up? Be comfortable! Make sure what you wear is breathable, flexible and covers you well!

Agos Surf’s latest Collection just dropped in 🤙🏾
Cut reversible bottoms by Swim Lourdes are so cute!✌🏽

5. You can mix & match to your heart’s content! 💓

Swim Lourdes make custom swimwear 🤙🏾

BONUS! 6. A good investment is a quality investment

Kids, always make sure that when choosing swimsuits, you’ll be able use it for at least 5x times. Quality over quantity.

Ft. Maricaban in Nude by Diwata Swimwear

See? Even Tom agrees ❤️❤️❤️

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